Digital Marketing in the Modern World

Digital marketing is an essential part of e-commerce. The term is vague, and consists of many elements. The term Digital Marketing was first used in the 1990s, but has evolved quickly the past decade. The development of social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, have accelerated the way companies market their products and services. Hubspot, a leadingContinue reading “Digital Marketing in the Modern World”

The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China

China has a population of about 1,4 billion people, and about 900 million internet users. Chinese companies have been really good at serving their massive consumer market, and been pioneering successful business models and platforms. Some of these business models are built of the idea of interconnected digital ecosystems, enabling an end-to-end seamless customer journey. “AContinue reading “The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China”

The ‘Super-app’ WeChat Connects Companies with Millions of Consumers through Mini Programs

Wechat (微信 Wēixìn) is a lifestyle app, covering multiple areas of your daily life. On Wikipedia, Wechat is described as a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. Wechat is often referred to as a “super-app” and it is a digital “must-have” if you live in China. You do everything withContinue reading “The ‘Super-app’ WeChat Connects Companies with Millions of Consumers through Mini Programs”

Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China

China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, and about 50% of global online transactions occur within the country. E-commerce in China can be challenging to navigate because of its size, pace and constant evolving consumer trends. My goal of this article is to give an high-level overview of e-commerce in China by touchingContinue reading “Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China”

The Power of Marketplaces in China

An online marketplace is a digital “shopping mall”, where you can access many product categories through one platform. The marketplace model dominates the e-commerce landscape in China and some well-known marketplaces in China are coming from the two tech-giants Alibaba and Alibaba (Largest e-commerce company in China): acts as a middleman, connecting buyers andContinue reading “The Power of Marketplaces in China”