The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China

China has a population of about 1,4 billion people, and about 900 million internet users. Chinese companies have been really good at serving their massive consumer market, and been pioneering successful business models and platforms. Some of these business models are built of the idea of interconnected digital ecosystems, enabling an end-to-end seamless customer journey. “AContinue reading “The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China”

The Successful Fast-retailer MINISO

Miniso is a Chinese low-cost retailer in the fast-retail space, and is the largest variety lifestyle goods retailer in China. Miniso was founded in 2013 by the Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu and the Japanese designer Miyake Junya. Miniso has previously stated their global expansion plans — 10,000 stores in 100 countries by the end ofContinue reading “The Successful Fast-retailer MINISO”

Meituan Dianping: The Leading E-commerce Platform for Services

Meituan Dianping was in 2019 ranked the most innovative company in the world by Fast Company. Meituan Dianping is a leading e-commerce platform for services connecting merchants and consumers. Everyday services like hair cut, movie tickets, massage, flight tickets, dining and much more can all be explored and purchased on Meituan Dianping. How did MeituanContinue reading “Meituan Dianping: The Leading E-commerce Platform for Services”

Kuaishou Continues to Boost E-commerce through Livestreaming

Kuaishou is a popular video-sharing app established in 2011, backed by the technology conglomerate Tencent. The live-streaming revenue accounts for their largest revenue share. Kuaishou, with its about 300 million active users, is competing against Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok owned by Bytedance) and Taobao live (owned by Alibaba) on livestreaming. The overall revenue fromContinue reading “Kuaishou Continues to Boost E-commerce through Livestreaming”