Singles Day 2020 – A Shopping Festival In the Time of a Pandemic

Singles Day, the worlds largest 24 hours shopping event, has passed once again, reaching billions of sales. This years event was special with covid-19 in center of everything for the past months. The pandemic has put the global economy under pressure. However, China has been the first country to recover from the pandemic, and hasContinue reading “Singles Day 2020 – A Shopping Festival In the Time of a Pandemic”

Emerging Trends in China During the Corona Pandemic

I am fascinated by the technological advancements in China and the innovation occurring within e-commerce and retail. Here are some trends that have accelerated and emerged during the corona pandemic: Revengebuying – Shoppers in China are slowly returning to malls and boutiques. After weeks of isolation, luxury shoppers are now seeking to spend money. WhenContinue reading “Emerging Trends in China During the Corona Pandemic”