C2M is Challenging the Traditional Supply Chain

Consumer-to-manufactory (C2M), also known as factory-to-consumer (F2C), is a business model reshaping the retail industry. This business model is challenging the traditional supply chain, as producers are gathering data from consumers and ship directly to the end-user. This way, brands are able to tailor the products to fit the specific consumer needs. The traditional supplyContinue reading “C2M is Challenging the Traditional Supply Chain”

‘Social Commerce’ is Gaining Traction

Social Commerce means shopping directly in social networks. The social aspect of shopping has and will continue to be an essential part of commerce in China. “The line between social media and e-commerce is increasingly becoming blurred. The sheer amount of time spent by people, especially younger generations, on social media apps has positioned socialContinue reading “‘Social Commerce’ is Gaining Traction”

A Global Innovation Powerhouse Leading the Wave of Emerging Tech

When I moved to China in 2013, I did not know what to expect. I quickly discovered that Shanghai, a city with 24 million people, 5 times the population of my entire country, had much to offer. After working and studying in Shanghai for 3 years, I can not stop talking about my experiences there.Continue reading “A Global Innovation Powerhouse Leading the Wave of Emerging Tech”