The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China

China has a population of about 1,4 billion people, and about 900 million internet users. Chinese companies have been really good at serving their massive consumer market, and been pioneering successful business models and platforms. Some of these business models are built of the idea of interconnected digital ecosystems, enabling an end-to-end seamless customer journey. “AContinue reading “The Development of Digital Ecosystems in China”

Singles Day 2020 – A Shopping Festival In the Time of a Pandemic

Singles Day, the worlds largest 24 hours shopping event, has passed once again, reaching billions of sales. This years event was special with covid-19 in center of everything for the past months. The pandemic has put the global economy under pressure. However, China has been the first country to recover from the pandemic, and hasContinue reading “Singles Day 2020 – A Shopping Festival In the Time of a Pandemic”

AliExpress is Exploring New Business Models to Grow their Global Presence

In this blog post, I am honored to have the opportunity to interview Martin Wang, the director of Social Commerce & Innovation Partnership at AliExpress. AliExpress is Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform, which facilitates trade and brings sellers and buyers together. AliExpress does not sell directly, but provides a platform for safe transactions between sellers andContinue reading “AliExpress is Exploring New Business Models to Grow their Global Presence”

Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Rivalry Fueling Retail Innovation

Global marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba are continuing to expand their market share, both domestically and internationally. Digital marketplaces are flourishing, and consumers tend to shop on marketplaces because of the outstanding customer experience, its simplicity, reliability and efficiency. For instance, the goal of Amazon is to be the earths most customer-centric company, drivingContinue reading “Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Rivalry Fueling Retail Innovation”

Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China

China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, and about 50% of global online transactions occur within the country. E-commerce in China can be challenging to navigate because of its size, pace and constant evolving consumer trends. My goal of this article is to give an high-level overview of e-commerce in China by touchingContinue reading “Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China”

The Power of Marketplaces in China

An online marketplace is a digital “shopping mall”, where you can access many product categories through one platform. The marketplace model dominates the e-commerce landscape in China and some well-known marketplaces in China are coming from the two tech-giants Alibaba and Alibaba (Largest e-commerce company in China): acts as a middleman, connecting buyers andContinue reading “The Power of Marketplaces in China”

The Next Generation of Retail – Five Innovative Companies to Follow in the Coming Years

In the recent years we have witnessed a big transformation within retail. Physical stores are struggling to maintain their sales and margins are slim. In this article, I want to explore the evolvement of global retail by focusing on five innovative companies that have all embraced new technology and leveraged its capabilities to reach aContinue reading “The Next Generation of Retail – Five Innovative Companies to Follow in the Coming Years”