Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Rivalry Fueling Retail Innovation

Global marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba are continuing to expand their market share, both domestically and internationally. Digital marketplaces are flourishing, and consumers tend to shop on marketplaces because of the outstanding customer experience, its simplicity, reliability and efficiency. For instance, the goal of Amazon is to be the earths most customer-centric company, drivingContinue reading “Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Rivalry Fueling Retail Innovation”

The ‘Super-app’ WeChat Connects Companies with Millions of Consumers through Mini Programs

Wechat (微信 Wēixìn) is a lifestyle app, covering multiple areas of your daily life. On Wikipedia, Wechat is described as a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. Wechat is often referred to as a “super-app” and it is a digital “must-have” if you live in China. You do everything withContinue reading “The ‘Super-app’ WeChat Connects Companies with Millions of Consumers through Mini Programs”

C2M is Challenging the Traditional Supply Chain

Consumer-to-manufactory (C2M), also known as factory-to-consumer (F2C), is a business model reshaping the retail industry. This business model is challenging the traditional supply chain, as producers are gathering data from consumers and ship directly to the end-user. This way, brands are able to tailor the products to fit the specific consumer needs. The traditional supplyContinue reading “C2M is Challenging the Traditional Supply Chain”

Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China

China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, and about 50% of global online transactions occur within the country. E-commerce in China can be challenging to navigate because of its size, pace and constant evolving consumer trends. My goal of this article is to give an high-level overview of e-commerce in China by touchingContinue reading “Understanding the E-commerce Landscape in China”

Use Gamification to Boost Sales and Marketing

Gamification is an element in e-commerce that increases audience engagement and helps retailers drive sales. In China, we are witnessing gamification on most platforms – It’s fun, interactive and it makes you want to continue the ‘journey’ that eventually ends with a purchase. Leveraging gamification requires companies to have a clear strategy of what theyContinue reading “Use Gamification to Boost Sales and Marketing”

‘Social Commerce’ is Gaining Traction

Social Commerce means shopping directly in social networks. The social aspect of shopping has and will continue to be an essential part of commerce in China. “The line between social media and e-commerce is increasingly becoming blurred. The sheer amount of time spent by people, especially younger generations, on social media apps has positioned socialContinue reading “‘Social Commerce’ is Gaining Traction”

The Power of Marketplaces in China

An online marketplace is a digital “shopping mall”, where you can access many product categories through one platform. The marketplace model dominates the e-commerce landscape in China and some well-known marketplaces in China are coming from the two tech-giants Alibaba and Alibaba (Largest e-commerce company in China): acts as a middleman, connecting buyers andContinue reading “The Power of Marketplaces in China”

Livestreaming Is Going Global

Livestreaming is a new way of communicating and interacting with existing and new customers. It’s engaging, fun and connects the consumer with the host. If you are promoting your products, interacting through video in real-time, can increase brand awareness and the consumers can get a better understanding of your products. It also brings a senseContinue reading “Livestreaming Is Going Global” Continues to Invest in Blockchain to Transform Global Commerce is one of the big e-commerce giants in China and is competing with Alibaba in both the online and offline retail space. has built their own cloud based blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. They started their own blockchain research lab a few years ago and collaborates with leading universities in the US and China. JD.comContinue reading “ Continues to Invest in Blockchain to Transform Global Commerce”

What Are Your Predictions For Physical Retail Post-corona?

There is no doubt that e-commerce will continue to grow. What are your predictions for physical retail post-corona? My prediction is that physical retail will still play an important role: The integration between online and offline (O2O) will become more evident – how to leverage online data to provide a better offline experience? How toContinue reading “What Are Your Predictions For Physical Retail Post-corona?”