Interesting facts about China that makes it exciting to follow:

  • China is the worlds largest e-commerce market with over 900 million internet users (source: Statista)
  • China now accounts for about 83% of all online retail sales in the Asia Pacific region (source: Forrester)
  • China’s technology ambitions are helping fuel a startup boom. The government has been encouraging its companies to become less dependent on foreign technology and achieve dominance in key sectors over the next decade (source: CNN Business)
  • About 95% of online purchases are made via smartphones, confirming a mobile-first nation where consumers are highly digital mature
  • China has transformed from being the “world factory” of low quality goods to becoming the leading nation of innovation, user experiences and creation of high quality goods.
  • Timeline below confirms the ambitious future goals and initiatives in China:
  • «Made in China 2025» – Li Keqiang

    Chinas goal of moving from being the “worlds factory” of low quality goods to focus on innovation and high quality goods

  • «China aims to become the global leader in AI by 2030»

  • Modernization goal of China to become a fully developed nation by 2049

    2049 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic

  • Chinas Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – the most ambitious infrastructure investment in history

    The BRI project involves 152 countries connecting China with Europe

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