What Are Your Predictions For Physical Retail Post-corona?

This video is one example of how existing technology can be used in physical stores to complement the online buying experience. The role of physical retail is changing, and it’s time to be creative and innovative.

There is no doubt that e-commerce will continue to grow. What are your predictions for physical retail post-corona?

My prediction is that physical retail will still play an important role:

  • The integration between online and offline (O2O) will become more evident – how to leverage online data to provide a better offline experience? How to entice the consumers online to draw them to your store?
  • ‘Retailtainment’ – offline channels need to offer the customers a unique experience through a more experiential approach (showrooms/pop-ups)
  • Digital tools in-store will engage the consumer and help them in their buying process
  • Product information transparency through tracing utilising technology such as blockchain

I appreciate your feedback.

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